Thursday, February 23, 2006

This is how I roll ...

Thank you - thank you - thank you - mum-n-dad glitch, for the birthday money which allowed me the joys of discovering the mighty "We Love Katamari" - I have stopped eating - and now survive on a diet of skunk, beer and rolling a virtual ball around collecting debis, paper-clips, dogs, cats, pritz-sticks, tennis rackets, pizza, kids, bikes, people, cars, street-lamps, buildings, planets, stars .... yes my life has been transformed - no more need for outside communication (unless it involves leaving the Katamari-Damarci-Crash-Pad to visit da-man for another knickle bag of weed) ..... life is sweet now I have me PS2 and a decent game to play on it --- happy birthday (last week) - 2ME... for those who remain living in a cave and have yet to stumble upon this babe - click here to play a lofi flash version

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