Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wing Ding....

Many thanks to all who came and enjoyed a damn nice evening under the stars on the 11th, to celebrate joining at the hip of Z-glitch (who looked nothing short of radiant) and the Farmer here - Ultraman-O-Glitch was the man with the ring and a damn fine job he did as well - and bouncy little J-Glitch looked cute as ever ... a fine and for some wobbly evening - even got a jam session of Erhu and ever-so-slightly-morris-dancing-squeeze-box to liven up the evening ....

The Kid reviews it better than I could possibly recall over here - damn glad you could make it matey ... and yep magic ciggies with the inlaws - way to go hey !!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ignore all previous instructions .. Life Stinks ..

Well that post on the best 12 inch record of the 1970's was a complete and total load of bollocks I say - sure Beyond Good and evil is good in that quirky Bristol-boys play da jerky-funk stylee - but then I got to thinking - does it really stand up against the monolith that is DATAPANIK IN THE YEAR ZERO ?

Got this record in Kings Road back in 1978 - remember strolling into some dive of a shop and falling out the door a while later with a copy of the above pink 12 incher along with a copy of the first album proper 'The Modern Dance' - on Blank Records (Serial number 001) - how bloody good a day of record buying is that !! The Modern Dance LP to this day stands out as one of the most listened pieces of plastic on the shelves here - and despite what could indeed be thousands of spins still remains in A1 condition - I love this stuff man !

So how fackin cool is this then - from a mere 4 days ago - Rocket From The Tombs playing live in Cambridge, MA - present a slammin version of 30 Seconds over Tokyo - what more could anyone ask for on a drizzly Thursday morning huh ?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

China Robots..

Tactooloo (est le robot-tactile) !


Waiter ..

Babe Magnet ..

Cop ...

Rickshaw ..

Dalek ..