Thursday, September 30, 2004

Discover Hip Hop

Someone just made things much more simple for us starved of da-knowledge ....


Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Church of Glitch..

This rocks - Maximina Weaver, just sent me the following - inviting me to become a fully-up-and-paid (passed GO - I collected the money - pulled the straws whilst playing Kerplunk - no marbles there mista - slap dang boogie-woogie) MINISTER ...

That is correct - I AM A MINSITER - and anyone that states otherwise will get a damn good SLAP !! - I like slapping me - and now I am a MINISTER - I plan to SLAP and SLAP and SLAP ..

You can become a legally ordained minister within 48 hours

As a minister, you will be authorized to perform the rites and ceremonies of the church!

Perform Weddings, Funerals, Perform Baptisms, Forgiveness of Sins Visit Correctional Facilities

Want to start your own church?

The strange thing is though - underneath this deligtful offer (which I am duty bound to follow-up (mind) - was this missifffff:

Rob became worried, and resolved to slow up at the next sign of habitation

This was a good resolution, but Turkestan is so thinly settled that before the boy could plan out a course of action he had passed the barren mountain range of Thian-Shan as nimbly as an acrobat leaps a jumping-bar
This won't do at all! he exclaimed, earnestly

The traveling machine seems to be running away with me, and I'm missing no end of sights by scooting along up here in the clouds Forty four trials compared a broad spectrum usually novel lactam with a "routine" combination regimen Rates of appropriate antibiotic treatment with combination therapy and monotherapy were similar when reported

What does it all mean ??? I have tried emailing Maximina Weaver (soundz like the sort of name that Robert Anton Wilson might dream up) - but all I got back was a whole load of unsolicited porn - things get stranger-n-stranger-n-stranger (the more I smoke!!) .. funny that !!!

THA MINISTA ... n'dontcha'forgeddit...

Print on Sticker Stock ..

This through from our correspondant over in New Orleans - Jedd H...

print on sticker stock, cut apart, paste as needed on BC04 bumpers stickers or wherever else you see fit...

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

'Mp3 is not a crime' thong ..

Trying to get to the bottom of this - seems someone is selling merchanise using old DCL images ... first our logo, turns up on a nice white T-shirt,

more interesting is our image from 1999 relating to the legal/illegal issues of performing using Mp3s (a somewhat mute point perhaps these dayz...) - turning up on a rather skimpy 'thong'

.. go figure (or go buy if this is your cup-of-tea!) ..

Digital Cutup Lounge - skimpy little thong - ideal gift fer yer mum

could be my memory is failing me - and we actually did this ourselves - if so ... can someone from the DCL inner-circle give me a kick and wake up my memory cells pleaze ... thanks ...

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

escape from the drug-crazed velvets..

Velvet Underground - 3D Death Chase...

Yes I know - it is another oldie - but man - makes me giggle in that stupid stoned-giggly way everytime ... actually the reason fer posting yesterdays news - is simply that if I don't stick these details here - they will (in that 'Exploding Plastic Inbox' kinda-way) get themselves trashed ...... then where would I be ???!!??

so back to the plot of the VU3DDC......

You are surrounded by the Velvet Underground - who are desparate to get you banging-up their evil juces into yer vains - do you avoid the temptation of getting loaded with Nico, Lou, Andy and friends... or do you drop out - get high and join the counter-culture .... now where did I put those skins and bag of weed (my fate tis already well established - and somewhat fixed...)!!

Velvet Underground 3D Death Chase

Laibach - the cuddly little kittens .. ahh

another oldie - but sure be a goodie ... and also looks just like my little (ok fat) cat Tigger ...

they really are a bunch of titsy-witsy-cuddly-wuddly-balls-of-fun ...

tis a flash movie - only 300K (or so) crank up your sound-system and enjoy ...

laibach - the kitty stomp

Monday, September 13, 2004

slasher ...

whilst I totally agree with Domonic Zero, in that Kill Bill 2 is crap ...

this however is ace ....:::::

wanna slash those guyz ta bits with shiny swords - juz like lickle old uma - no - well tough - cuz I do - and I also get to wear that yellow jump-suit whilst doing afore-mentioned slashing ..

slash away with the Kill Bill Game

wot ... you already know about this !?!?!? - old news ya say ..... - well cum-over-ere and I'll slash yer bleedin arms orf !!


This promises to be a very interesting event - if you are in London Thursday - go experience it...


ICA Thurs 16 September, Meet in Foyer at 7pm for Coaches -**Please** book in advance!
Artist Rod Dickinson will reconstruct the FBI's secret psychological warfare assault on the infamous Branch Davidian religious community in Waco, Texas, at a secret, remote location close to London, on Thursday 16 September.

Rolan Bolan

Interesting docu. on 4 last night - on the missing millions of Marc ... some uber-cool shots and sound-out-takes from various studio sessions - and on the whole a typical portrait of the muze-biz - complete with slimey managers, suited-lawyers and bowl-loads of coke ... must admit the one I always felt somewhat sorry for was June Field
- shafted by Marc, persued by the tax-office and when finally given her share of royalties etc - she ends up dead a week later ... a long line of dead t-rexers - sort of the Tutankhamun curse of glitter-bug-rock .. still damn nice to see some old accoutisc tyrannusaurus-rex live tracks before he went all glitter and flab on us ...

anyway - here is Rolan Bolan ... got his fathers looks, but alas on last nights evidence - not much of the old song-writing talents... oh well - at least he will at last be getting his dosh !

so in respect - I was just searching for me copy of Beard-of-Stars (as you do) - but in typical record-collection style - it be-vanished...

but (in totally unrelated to the story fashion!) I did manage to lay my hands on ... Basement-5 - 1965-1980 (free poster inside no less) - totally forgot this was a Martin Hannett production - also have the 10-inch release of silicon-chips stuffed in the sleeve - a somewhat nice way to start the day here in not-so-sunny-south-peth !

Friday, September 10, 2004

throb off - and take yer gristle wiv ya ...

well there ya have it ... 23 years of waiting (yeah right) - 1000 of megs of live mp3s - meters and meters of devoured pages of lit - 100s of pounds on useless lickle bits of paper (tickets - yeah right - did they arrive - ya bet they did NOT) ... even the odd Digital Cutup remix of old TG tracks in useless protest songs against even more uselss wars (some good that did) - but still here ya go for your listeneing excitement:

Saul Williams-Pledge of Resistance (Digital Cutup Lounge remix)
Digital Cutup Lounge - Drop Bush (Grist-A-Lized remix)

what is this sad moody old bugger on about - who knows - oh yeah I remember - it be that goddam load of Wreckers of Civilisation - yep well tha farmer here ya see is one of them peeps who as tha years have passed has got more and more into the old Hamburger Laddies (always was dead keen back in the day) . so shame to have to say they goddam done it again ..

RE:TG ..
It aint gonna be !!

call it a day boys..... or should that be What a Day ??? from the horses mouth ...

Dear All,

As you may remember after the postponement of the RE~TG event earlier in this year, promoters Foundation were looking forward to promoting an "All Tomorrow Parties "currated by Thobbing Gristle (ATP- TG) event in May 2005.

After a lengthy struggle to realise " ATP-TG" , ATP, as the promoters, have decided the event can not be realised in the forseeable future.

All the members of Throbbing Gristle & myself & ATP are extremely disappointed, having put a considerable & repeated effort ( & a free show in London) into trying to realise the event, but sadly this is not to be.

Circumstances to numerous to list here have conspired to make our original plans for such an event unattainable, & the decision by ATP was not taken lightly & not without considerable financial losses on their part.

The majority of you who will receive this email are the original artists whom were invited to play "RE~TG" & therefore were subsequently expecting to perform at "ATP-TG".

Our sincere & heartfelt apologies to you all for this disapointment & again our thanks for your open hearted support for the original event's ideologies & expectations. Certainly the one area that has encouraged us to continue to struggle with making this event happen has been the support & understanding from the other artistes involved.

Throbbing Gristle will now play on Friday 3rd December 2005 at Camber Sands as part of the ATP/Foundation promoted weekend event (Dec 3/4/5) "A Nightmare Before Christmas"
currated by visual artistes Jake & Dinos Chapman.

Foundation are announcing the initial line-up for "Nightmare Before Christmas" any day now
(see It is not envisaged that many, if indeed any, of
our original list of artistes will be part of this new event, since Jake & Dinos Chapman's curation will naturally be based on their own personal choice.

Regrets & Regards
Paul Smith for Throbbing Gristle
Cosey Fanni Tutti
Genesis P. Orridge
Peter Christopherson
Chris Carter