Monday, September 26, 2005

Call the Cops ...

Normal service still not resumed - so in the mean-time - a pic of the Lamma Island, Hong Kong cop-shop - one time home of the Farmer - nope not the cop-cube dummy - I was normally found sitting just in front of it - supping Tsing Tao and talking rot !! Now I am normally found supping Burrow Hill cider -and unable to talk a word - think maybe brain-erosion has finally caught up with me !!

Still - things could be real bad - and you could wake up realising you had turned into - Cocaine Kate ..

crikey - I mean all that coke would sort of be OK - but having a sponge-head-crap-rocker for a partner would do me bleedin ead in - MAAANNN !! Still what do I know - being nothing more than a sad-slack zummerzit sheep herder !