Thursday, October 21, 2004

Digital Cutup Disneyland...

well grab Mickey by the head and and give im a big fat smacker on tha kisser ... Dumbo - he just love-da-dub - and as for Minnie - she be the dnb queen, no word these dayz from Daffy - last heard he was hooked to da-base-pipe - sad - but true !!

anywayz grime-followers::: ... Digital Cutup Lounge have been directly approached to become part of the 'Disney Musical Family' ... I can just see my partner in electro-clash-beatz John-von-Seggern (no less) - layin down serious slabs of electro-accoustic-drones - complete with ~ Goofy costume (as opposed to just goofy due to da weed mon!) ... ha ha ...

JVS - considers his options !

Dear Cast Members,

One of the key elements that will bring Hong Kong Disneyland to life for our Guests will be the live music played by our Entertainment Cast Members. The fun and exciting atmosphere created by these talented individuals will make our Guests ' experiences memorable and "uniquely Disney."

With this in mind, we are hosting our first auditions for Musicians in November . This is your chance to assist in Bringing the magic in your music to life!

If you have friends or relatives who would be interested in becoming Hong Kong Disneyland Musicians, please ask them to visit and apply through our website at .

Many thanks,

Greg and Laurie

Well - dog-dang - DCL have done some pretty dang zany gigs in our time - one day I will retell the story of our gig to the Princess of Thailand at the Conrad Hotel Bangkok in 2003 - complete with 30 semi-clad Thai dancers swanking it to our remix and live rendition of a electro-funk version of an old Martin Denny song .... or perhaps the time I dropped a full-on DJ-Hype track - just as Andy Lau (no less - HK readers) was entering stage-left on a horse - how we laffed as it looked like he may just topple off as the bass hit ....... but for now - I am busy writing a fake application so that John-von does not miss this golden opportunity of playing micro-glitch-dub to the assorted masses for the next couple of years at the Lantau Disney

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Dear Limey Assholes...

Last week G2 launched Operation Clark County to help readers have a say in the American election by writing to undecided voters in the crucial state of Ohio. In the first three days, more than 11,000 people requested addresses.

Some replies (like the one below) were printed this week:


Read more of them here

Just recieved a mail asking if one of our 'Drop Bush - Not Bombs' tracks can be included on the Bushwacked project organizesd here in the UK by Twinkleboi - all looks well and good to me - check it out...

A bunch of year-old or so DCL tracks can be found over here on our MooreRemix page - these were mostly created as part of the anti-war protest last year prior to the Iraq invasion - and following Michael Moore's speech at the Oscars (which has been heavily sampled, along with the usual Evil Dead and Throbbing Gristle sound-bytes - natch ....) - feel free to download, burn and distribute any way you feel in the lead-up to the US elections...

then for non-US residents - go online to the Globalvote 2004 site and place your votes - results will be fed to the US media 48 hours prior to the close of voting there - any chance of helping swing the results in some anti-bush way has got to be worth a try !!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Pierce em young ..

This just through from the Arts Council of Great Britain ........ looks like a missed application dead-line and therefore the chance to get piercing and tatooing teenage girls will not be yours ! aint it just amazing what you can get grants for these days !!!

VISUAL ARTIST WANTED – body decoration & manipulation with YP (Warwickshire)

The 21st century has seen body decoration and manipulation come to the fore, as celebrities decorate their bodies with tattoos, designer outfits and spectacular make-up, to name but a few processes. This is nothing new, body decoration has been popular over the ages, in many different cultures.

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council requires a visual artist to work with a small group of young females, to create artwork for the Council’s Gallery tearoom based on lifestyle choices relating to the manipulated human form.


The purpose of the project, working with teenage girls, is to ultimately design artwork for the refurbished Gallery tearoom. The inspiration and exploratory subject will be the manipulated human form: dress (platform shoes, corsets) taken from the Museum collection, and modern day media images (model waif look, etc.) peer pressure (piercing, tattoos, diet)

Planned to take place in the autumn half term (for refurbishment of tearoom, deadline - mid November), the artist will work with a small group of girls (about 6 to 10, aged 12 - 18yrs) who are interested in spending, 4/5 days with an artist, exploring a variety of topics, incorporating a trip somewhere, time spent exploring the museum collection, and then creating artwork for the walls.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Devil Glitch...

Thank god for 'The Farmers Almanac' ( no less) for supplying this long searched after piece of information - which has actually kept me awake for minutes !!

Q: What was the longest song ever recorded and how long was it?

A: The Guinness Book of World Records states that The Devil Glitch, a 69-minute song containing over 500 verses, is the longest pop song ever recorded. It entered the record books in July of 1997.

Phew - not sure what I would have done without at last finding that out ... if anyone has this - I would love to know what verse 23 has to say - I somehow suspect it is reeeallly important like !!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Ginger wants to meet who-ever threw thaa rock !!

ahh man - oh - man .... must be some kind of drug-induced-festival-flash-back ...

Glastonbury fest - 1981 - those were the days - back then you could simply turn up - pitch your tent right down the front by the stage (no permanent metal pyramids then - oh no !) .. and from the relaxing vantage point of your canvas home - watch the on-stage activities ... I turned up that year with Jim and Andy M. (where are you now guyz ?) - and assorted girl-friends and promptly went about erecting tents etc - well actually - Jim turned up with new girl in tow - and immediatly dropped some acid - prior to attempting to put up never-before-erected 6-birther - in the dark ... only one thing to do - get mashed with him and roll around on da-floor - completly thrashing tent ... I seem to recall having a moment that lasted around the whole night - where I was convinced my keys had somehow become lost in the vast expanse of grassy-fields - and in that tripped-out-paranoid-way - spent hours searching in the dark for them - only to discover next morning (as the trip turned to that buzzy-anoying-come-down we all know and hate) - that they were of course in my pockets - oh .. how we laughed and laughed at that one (in between being completly pissed off that we could not sleep, that is!! )

anyway - whats going on with this damn story - oh yeah - that 8-armed-muppet - Animal ? - nope not him --- "DRUM ROLL PLEAZE..." (no look I said drum roll - not bloody drum-solo - goddam it )... it is ::: Ginger Baker ......

what a man - what a myth - what a damn bloody boring load of bashing on old tins and boxes ...

where tha bleedin heck is this story goin - no where but it is now time to have a Festival Award Ceremony ...

Award For Most Daring Festival Act Ever
(and indeed the most valued) - goes to guy in the crowd with bloody big rock and good aim ... mid-way through mr.g-baker and his band of gormless mates set - and at the point where Ginger (first name terms now you will notice), has been pounding the fuck out of his kit for at least 48 hours in one of his trade-mark solos ... - da-man-wiv-da-stone hurls it from the crowd over the heads of the first dozen rows of spectators and splat into head of Ginger - knocking him clean off his stool ... instantly terminating the dreadful din he was making with his sticks and skins ... instant cheers from the crowd, and much appreciative laughter - Baker exits stage-left - head now a fountain of red ..... only to return some 10 minutes later surrounded by hairy-biker-types shouting in the mic .. "Ginger wants to see tha guy that threw the rock - backstage NOW..." ... not too suprisingly - he had by this time run-like-fuck ....

Drummers - doncha just love to chuck rocks at them !! now where did I put that damn 808 ??

Saturday, October 02, 2004

hippies, punx, stonehenge and mista showbiz ..

well.... linking at least two stories from the current pages of Kid Shirt - we have this pic from the ages where punks n hippies would gather, smoke and make merry - the much missed Stonehenge Festival ...

rubbing sholders with Mark P (back row 4th from tha left - eating candy) is indeed that much discussed occasional Fall producer Grant Showbiz (on his right - fist raised..)... this pic taken in 78 (the rest of the peeps being members of either 'Here and Now' or ATV)- the year or so before the Biker Contingent decided that the arrival of Crass was enough to justify the instant bashing of anyone even remotly spiky-looking .... resulting in a lot of tripped out punk-types hiding in fear ! Penny Rimbaud from Crass, sums it up well, exactly what it was like to be there that year: "Our presence at Stonehenge attracted several hundred punks to whom the festival scene was a novelty, they, in turn, attracted interest from various factions to whom punk was equally new. The atmosphere seemed relaxed and as dusk fell, thousands of people gathered around the stage to listen to the night's music. suddenly, for no apparent reason, a group of bikers stormed the stage saying that they were not going to tolerate punks at Their festival'. What followed was one Or the most violent and frightening experiences of our lives. Bikers armed with bottles, chains and clubs, stalked around the site viciously attacking any punk that they set eyes on. There was nowhere to hide, nowhere to escape to; all night we attempted to protect ourselves and other terrified punks from their mindless violence. there were screams of terror as people were dragged off into the darkness to be given lessons on peace and love; it was hopeless trying to save anyone because, in the blackness of the night, they were impossible to find. "

Despite the troubles of that year, it must be said - when I was in my late teens and early twenties - this was the highlight of the summer - used to go for a couple of weeks, get dirty as hell - experience all kinds of un-printable new thangs - and basically drop out for a while .......

High Points of the fest:

Low Points..
  • Dodgy deals
  • Black microdots
  • The Enid ..
  • Punk-bashin-bikers..
  • Some guy standing in front of me whilst watching Hawkwind - so fucked up that he did not realise he was pissing down the inside of his coat ... nice !!)
I have a stack of pics somewhere in a cupboard around here of various images of the early 80s festival - along with the last sighting of Mark Mob - bare chested standing by the stones during some pagen wedding .... ahh the memories (they go on and on and on and on and on .....)