Sunday, July 30, 2006

The best 12" of the 70's...

Fuckit I say - caution to the wind - be damned ... with all these old photos and posters from the 70's being trawled through over here right now - nice to stumble upon the following video - to accompany the best slab of sounds on a 12 inch slab of plastic from the closing wheezes of the decade ...

Produced by Dennis Bovell - released on Radar - damn fine sleeve art - and a b-side to die for ... argue with all of that if ya dare ::::


Friday, July 28, 2006

Haslebury Plucknett - Final resting place of Saint Wulfric...

1979 - the somewhat tinny noise machine that was never named - but for now will be immortalised as the Smiffy/Vaughny/Ivesy/Daffy-guitar/bass-n-drums thang rolled into the other mecca of alternative Somerset culture Haselbury Plucknett village hall.

My memory is to put it midly rather confused about this gig - I seem to recall falling out with the Smiff/Vaughny contigent of the band for sitting in the back of some rusting old transit with Curtis and Fallows of the Mob - smoking super-sized spliffs (a big no-no as the rest of our noise-collective were indeed total anti-weeders) - so I guess there was some sort of Mob contingent involved - I know for a fact that the front-of-house sound was indeed manned by them - no idea if they played however...

The pic below - featuring in the fore-ground 2 members of the audiance - no others than Christine Cole and Jeff Morse - both either getting on down to the slamming sounds eminating from the cabs - or perhaps simply pushing in front of the camera - both were playing with the Bikini Mutants (or perhaps some associated off-shoot) - who I am sort of sure also played on the bill that night... but again - perhaps not ?

The following pic - shows us seriously getting into the stride of things ..

Man oh MAN - were we a cool entity back then - OR WHAT ?

Of course - things were bound to change - for Smiffy - optics offerred a more secure future - Vaughny - pursued higher things via the oft-mentioned - bareyl ever seen and gigged once 'Box Combo' before setting up Pale Red Competitor - and finally having the mis-guided idea of banging out derirvitives for that whipper-snapper PJ Harvey ... Daffy - well where he ended up - it would be good to know ...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hinton St George - 15th March 1980

Directly linked to this post and related discussions thanks to Lurch for stirring up the memories - and Kek and Dom for confusing history (best way to view it really)... that resulted in all those present at the time proving just how fucked our brain cells actually are these days - by not even remembering if any of us were there let alone played the damn gig - I present to ye all - scanned proof that yes - Spare Cells / The Box Combo - and this one even suprised the pants off of me - Fractured Entertainment (yes oh yes I hear you shriek) - all played at that mecca of Somerset punk/post-punk and other assorted genres too few and embarrasing to recall (and please lets not start on the hair-cuts) - HINTON VILLAGE HALL - trust me - if you missed out on this stuff back in the day - ha - bleedin ha !!


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fresh Sausage

Give me some hamburger - lady ...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

rssjockey .

Always on the outlook for nice ways of re-presenting mashed up web content - nice to stumble upon this auto-remix site this wet sunday morning ..... - load the babe up and see if it grabs your fancy ... found it cuz they seem to have pulled in the old Syd Barrett demos I posted this week - which get nicely swallowed in the mix - or stand out nice on their own here...

Nice stuff peeps ...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Stonehenge Festival - the early 80's ...

I actually stumbled upon a load of my old photos from Stonehenge Festivals of the early 80's and just starting to scan them when I stumble upon this blast ...- being the last 1984 proper festival and indeed the last one I attempted to go to - nice shots of the main stage line-up (Hawkwind / The Enid) - yikes does anyone actually remember the Enid ? All I remember is a jar-full of cotton-wool soaked in Amyl, an emergency drive back to get Lydia to Sussex Uni in time for a lecture - and days and days of stoned wanderings ... just the way festivals were meant to be I say ...

And just a reminder how completly fucked up both English Heritedge and the goverment of the day were - here is the next years 1985 shameful occurance ..

But to remain in a 'everything is fine man' hippy ending - hurry on sundown - for an hour long Stonehenge pot(ted) history ... tis really strange - you see my memories are at best frazzled these days - but that main-drag of the festival - clearly on view at 3 mins in remains engraved in my mind as if it were yesterday - perhaps I am stuck in a permanent Henge-Flashback ... suppose things could actually be much much worst !! Enjoy - we all did !!

A Night for Nikki Sudden

This just in from the Mute:

An evening celebrating the life of the late Nikki Sudden, co-founder of
Swell Maps, will take place at the Dirty Water Club, Tufnell Park, London on
Friday 21 July.

For more information visit

Swell Maps - Lets Build a Car

Swell Maps - Midget Submarine

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Towers Open Fire

Cutup - original remix stylee...

Before the pipe dreams ...

"Hey farmer - whadya get up to before the days of lying around with a big fat bowl-pipe ... and a 5 tokes before breakfast opium problem ?"

"What ya talkin about whipper-snapper - when I was a kid - I used to do nothin more wiv me time than play in spaced-out improv-jazz quartets ..."

Sunset Concert 2001

香港演藝學院每年均舉辦Sunset Concert,為學生提供製作流行音樂會的實踐機會。適逢今年是國際特赦組織四十周年,演藝學院聯同國際特赦組織合辦Sunset Concert 2001,請來一眾本地獨立樂勢力參與演出,以音樂論盡人權。組Band Inti特別剪輯演唱會精彩片段,與你一同重溫。

Sunset Concert 2001演出單位包括:劉以達+Joey+葉世榮、Primary Shapes、後花園、Digital Cutup Lounge及Windmill等。

Live Improvisation 1 - by Digital Cutup Launge

Harvest Festival

Oh the joys of harvesting this years crops - the sun shining - the juices flowing - and the endless days of lying back and smoking ....

Friday, July 14, 2006

Mashing up the remixed mash-ups ....

Just stumbled upon a mash up of an old Aphex Twin remix I did back in the day of Drukqs - which in actuall fact contains rather a lot of non AFX stuff (as every good remix should indeed ignore as much of the original as poss !)...

Anyway - it now includes a big chunk of Justin Timberlake - and why not - I say - I suppose - whatever ... click here if this sounds your sort of bag...

For the original - you will need to look over here...

Thanks for that Juxtaposeur.......

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The church has spoken ...

and man-o-man - for the sake of those lickle cuddly kittens - GODDAAM PAY ATTENTION !!

Life - cows, fields n Persocoms .. Chi Awakens

Sitting back - swiggin cider, tokin on spliff and watching old episodes of Chobits .. somethings gotta give !!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Syd Barrett - RIP

Shine on man !

King Bee (unreleased studio sessions 10/65)
Well, I'm a King Bee
Buzzing around your hive
Yes, I'm a King Bee, child
Buzzing around your hive

I can make good honey
Let me come inside
I'm young and able
To buzz all night long
You know I'm young and able
To buzz all night long

When you hear me buzz, little girl
You know some stinging's going on
Well, buzz some I'll sting, yeah

Well, I'm a King Bee
Can buzz all night long
Yes I'm a King Bee
Can buzz all night long

Well, I buzz better baby
When your man is gone

Interstellar Overdrive (from the film "San Francisco" October 31, 1966)

Sunshine (unreleased backing track 6/9/67 - from the Piper sessions )