Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I WEAR A Zoot (and quite like a toot) !!

The Hong Kong muzak scene has been in decline for years (DISCUSS) - nah - no need to do that for it is saved - now we all know that accountants have always dictated what labels released and promoted - but they are no longer content with simply controlling the cash - now they too want the rewards that being the STAR gives yah (you know the stuff - unlimited piles of coke - disturbing amounts of bizarre sexual activities - well at least thats what the esteemed members of DCL get up to!) - so here ya go - Hong Kong Accountants - they dance, they rap - they be tha boyz !! Now did I ever post anything on that other HK Rap lot - Lazy Mutha Fuckas - maybe next time ..

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Square Head John

This is my friend John - in homage to his dub-bass-vibes here is Java Browser Crasher number 2 - Square Head John .. again move-ya-kursa around inside the thang - click and see what appens to his mr.cubic....

Another in a continuing series of "Farmer Glith - watch as he learns more tricks and licks in the murky world of interactive Java (or FG a sad and sorry pasty-faced-programming-oik - YOU DECIDE..."

Friday, October 06, 2006

Java applets - hell yeah ..

Experiments in crashing your browser ... part 1

Now archived to make room for Experiments with Johns Square Head (see above) ..

So click on the image below to open-a-pop-up ... and then ................

Click around or move-ya-cursor inside the thang - now ain't that the shit - or what ??

Farmer Glitch - available for java-coding - crashing browserss my speciality ...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fuzzed Out and Czech ....

Remote Sunday DJing for Kid Shirt ..

nicely mixed into this one .... nothing like some scanty-clad boogie in this house !!