Monday, November 03, 2008

Matryomin - how bloody cool is that ?

Damn man - just as I about to post again how friggin ace the Gakken Analog Synthesizer Kit SX-150 is - and how in 3 days or so I will be assembling this babe and blowing holes in my sub-woofer with sub-harmonic wobbles - I stumble upon yet another damn fine piece of electronic koolio-aid - i quote you now from advertising advert ::

'Matryomin' is an original electronic musical instrument of the mandarin electron which is Japanese Theremin maker. The function of Theremin is put in Russian famous handicraft Matryoshka. It has an amplifier and a loudspeaker built-in for the body.

Why ? What ? When and who ... are undoubtedly questions streaming through your head as you read this - but after the following demonstration of the power of Matryomin - you will fear no more !!

and if that does not completly convince of the power of Matryomin - then be prepared my reader(s) - be very prepared ::

Still not with me on this one - well goddam it - you asked for it - maaaannn !!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Air Geee-ttt-aaar ..

This was going to be a post on the Gakken Sx-150 synth kit - that I have just ordered from Japan .... but that post will have to follow this one .. as in researching the synth-beast, as usually happens - I got side-tracked on other kick-ass Japanese stuff - and so it ends up being a video post on Air Guitars ..

So without further ado - Lets fackin rock-n-friggin-roll- muvvers ...

For readers who simply prefer a good old female-rock-out .. shame to leave without this ..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rob a Bank..

Classic, unseen and perhaps an answer to the current financial rot ...

Saturday, September 06, 2008

10cc Top Trumps ...

Kicked into gear by Mr. Shirt and because here at the Glitch Barn - we have a super overwhelming soft spot for 10cc here is our Top 10 Pop Picks :

Gizmo / Gizmatron

Top of the list in straight in at number one - is the device released initially by Godley and Creme upon departing 10cc for solo careers sometime around 1975 - THE GIZMO.... check out the demo disk from 1975 here.

Basically this consited of 6 motorised wheels - mounted on a guitar bridge - that when pressed eihter one at a time or in combinations against the strings produced whacked out effects - sort of pre-guitar synth type of thing ... best heard to fine effect on the Godley and Creme (concept - yikes !!!) LP - Consequences ... nice ...

More info here ...

One Night in Paris
First track from what is for me the best LP the guys stuck out - too be honest I was tempted to simply list every darn track from it - at least 3 or 4 separate songs super-glued together here - fine stuff indeed !!

Cry - Godley and Creme
How can any list not include this babe - worth it for the video alone - was going to stick on the History Mix LP - but upon revisiting realisd it sounds supa-dated probaly due to lame 80s production from Trevor Horn - this however sounds just fine and dandy..

I'm Mandy - Fly Me
Don't get me started on this one - but takes me back to early teenage lust with a certain Mandy I used to fumble around with (if you know what I mean) - best not go there !

Dreadlock Holiday
White boys try and play pop-light reggae ? Or simply a damn fine pop record - you decide - me I love it !!!

Got to admit - another girl is involved in selection of this one - god - was my early teen hormones shaped by early 10cc pop songs - crikes??

I'm Not in Love - Edwina Rigby (1979) / Petula Clark (1978)
The smoocher rooner from the stable - remixed into a glitzy late 70s disco glitter ball - lovely stuff (even the Petula Clark one ain't all bad)...

Rubber Bullets
Imposible not to include this slamming hit ...

Wall Street Shuffle
Yet another slamming 7 incher ...

10cc - Blackmail (from Original Sound Track)

Been listening to this LP all weekend - and could have chosen any of them for inclusion as previousl said - this one kicks with a guitar solo straight out of mid-period Floyd - unexpectedly psychedelic .

Now back to spraying "I luv 10cc" on the back of my school pencil case !!

Monday, May 26, 2008


This morning in the freezing drizzling summers morning - we are seriously getting down to stuff like this - and you should consider doing so too ...

From " Finale / Urahara "
Phew and Ryuichi Sakamoto

Which leads us nicely onto Aunt Sally .... very fine indeed !!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Normal service will be resumed (when I can get off me ass and do it -- maaan!)..

In the mean-time - 2 very good reasons to be alive and with eyes and ears ....

and for some nice glimpses of - gulp Weymouth .....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Korg DS-10 (yes oh yes)..

Well - seeing how the farm has now acquired a Nintendo DS thanks to junior-ultra-glitch-boy-O - seems somewhat silly not to grab this damn fine bit of retro-rehash and steel the thing of him ... nice and tasty in a way that Cooking Mama will never be !!

Monday, March 17, 2008

RIP - Mikey Dread (1/1/1954 - 16/3/2008)

Damn - very very sad .....

Mikey got me seriously into the toasting sound of dub - World War 3 is always on repeated play in this house to this day ..

Some cool cool Mikey Dread, Peel show session tracks from 1982 for you to savour...

1. Rub A Dub

2. Problems

3. Parrot Jungle/Heavy Weight

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gwoemul (The Host)

Finally got around to catching this on DVD - a mere 6 quid - bit of a bargain - subtitled Korean (thank god) - the dubbed version I have seen clips of should be avoided at all costs !!

If you like your monster movies wet, slimy and good at acrobatics - with an occasional dollop of stupidity - go check now .. excellent stuff to me anyhows ...!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

All bound for Mu Mu land ...

Needs no introduction - a nice 'making of' video just (re)-surfaced on the making of a KLF video - Tammy in her trailor - giant pyramid - loads of water - boats - and a somewhat funky beat ... watch and enjoy ....

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

If that has some sort of interest blip for you - you can find more over on klfcommunicationsnet

Monday, February 18, 2008

Grass is fast - but .... Acid's like lightening, you know ...!!

And on a related note ...

Apache ...

But just remember you goddam grass-head, acid-freaks ... the damn drugs DO NOT WORK .. but alas unexplored sexual delights - JUST MIGHT...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Maybe ,,,,,,

Maybe one day the best songs - are better before the lead singer staggers into it .... !

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Been experimenting with that social-network malarkey FB - hooked up with long-lost folks - spent an age customizing the shit out of the page - uploaded stuff - typed shit - read shit - remembered shit and somehow forgot it again ... - thank god someone else was there to remember it happened - my notes don't exit - my photos are incomplete - and my record collection does not support it as a chunk was nicked by an EX (god bless the woman - if only she knew what she took at least she might sell it !! ... man ..... "It's a lot of wind..." ...

Monday, February 04, 2008

Records bought because the sleeve told me to (Part 2 of an occasional series)...

In 1994, I found myself living in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. This CD is a Japanese export - I picked up in Tower Records (Windsor House - Causeway Bay - long defeated by the HMV empire!) - Kyoto Jazz Massive are/were a collective of Japanese funksters - the music some 14 years later or so sounds very much a safe-coffee-table-style of jazzy grooves - this has a very early collaboration from DJ Krush on it ... \

The sleeve some 14 years later remains pretty much as I first glanced eyes on it !

Records bought because the sleeve told me to (Part 1 of an occasional series)...

1969 - original pressing - 50pence last year from a car boot sale - now lets face it - can you blame me ?

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Having been passed the baton by Mr. Shirt - and being forced to delve into those boxes of unseen 7 inchers to remind myself of what utter classic embarrassing crud I have bought in my time - I somehow have managed to get it all down to 10 - to be honest this could have run to 100s !!

So here goes ..

"Dum-de-dum, dum-de-dum, Mouldy Old Dough" - utter classic - without this punk/hip-hop and death metal would never have happened ....

"nice on Cyril, Nice on son, Nice one Cyril - lets 'ave another one" - deep stuff or what .....

No idea how the heck this thing got to be in my collection - I would love to say I got it from a pile plastic my sister once gave me - but - that is my hand-writing - so I got to admit - IT's MINE (god been meaning to get that of my chest for 3 decades - phew)..

I was young - on a camping holiday to France with the scouts - hung out with some french girl-guides in some provincial town - and ended up buying this - memories hey - the other disk I got that day was Status Quo - Rain, but nothing embarrassing about that - this however is totally unforgivable !

Used to play in a band at school with Mark Wilson and Graham Fallows, this was one of the tracks we played back then - first gig being in Stoke-sub-Hamdon Working Mens Club (1975 or 1976) - how rock-n-roll is that - Mark and Graham went onto somewhat more serious stuff via The Mob - but at the early routes of the Anarcho-Punk movement lurks a dreamy lament on the joys of Sunday Morning (up with the lark - no less) ....

Elkie Brooks - Pearls a Singer - Fucking magic - there - said it - not going to take it back - so there ....

Everything punk was meant to burn and destroy - but lets face it - this one simply rocks ... how uncool is that ...

I have more than one bit of plastic from mr.pedo-pop - but this must be the most hideous of them all .... say no more squire ..

Cat Scratch Fever - Apart from this killer guitar riff - is there anything even slightly cool about Ted ? Now where did I put that bloody rifle ?

1967 - when the rest of the world were getting it on with chemical-altering-mind-explorations - us down here in ZUMMERZET were wrecking our physical-well being with glasses full of the golden-stuff. This must be the Sergent Peppers for the Cider generation - Forget all that Grateful Dead/Merry Pranksters kool-aid-acid-pap, simply pour your self a mug of body-numbing-messed-aound-with-apple-stuff - crank the volume to 10, - drop the needle onto "The Chew Magna Cha Cha" - and float right out there man - trust me - by the time you get the nerve to stick on the classic - "Drink up thy Cider" - you'll be tripping so damn hard - it'll be weeks before you can face looking at a farmer again - without getting the FEAR ... CLASSIC ...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Those cheap bastard British Airways snobs ...uuuhhh

Some incorrect things ... cheap magazines ...... recruited some gremlins ..... stuffing from my wings ---- day by day - moon gains on me ..... for 145 years ... US civil war - Irish patronage... moon gains on me .....

HIT A TIME LOCK ...shot dead a stupid sergeant - hit a time lock ... no longer exists ... under the bridge ...... lucky hit ...



The Fall - Wings (Athens 2008)

and for good measure

The Fall - NO XMAS FOR John Queys (2007)

WTF - you look back bores !!