Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Hawk Lords - we salute you ..

Bleedin heck - what a cool hour or so of BBC4 excellence last night - makes me almost rush out and buy a license ... let me just say it hear and now for all to witness - I BLEEDIN WELL LOVE HAWKWIND !!!! phew - got that off me chest - loved the vintage clips of the Stonehenge gigs - sort of took me right back there - apart from the fact I was so out of me-bleedin-gord during the festivala - I am not really sure if that is a good idea ..

Anyhows - hot on the tails of that supa-hippy-bio-drama - comes news of another bunch of long-hairs on the gig-trail - yep none other than ... HERE AND NOW ...

The first gig with new drummer MERV, of Eat Static & Ozric Tentacles fame, who joins forces with JOIE HINTON (also Eat Static/Ozric Tentacles), STEFFE SHARPSTRINGS and KEITH "LE MISSILE" BASS, to complete the line-up. With DJ sets from STEFFE and MERV. Advance tickets available from Glastonbury Assembly Rooms - book early to avoid disappointment!

Fri 20 Apr - UK, Glastonbury, Assembly Rooms - HERE & NOW

You up for this Mr. Shirt ?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Too much time ..

Damn - it had to happen - so here I am Saturday morning in the DubStep room - Secondlife stylee - man I need to gt out more !! Come down and join me sometime ...

Friday, March 23, 2007

About bloody time I say ...

If like me you are sick to the gills with yet another exhibition of navel-gazing pseudo-intellectual-tosh - full of the same-old-same-old pre-show faces - attending under the pretext of networking - but more likely than not to snag the free booze and cheesey-pineapple-stick treats ... poor old art-sorts - never enough money to buy a round - or run a hot bath - if only the ACE would cough up more etc etc etc - ad nauseum ... well here ya go - a show for you all to exhibit at ... no funding needed - almost nothing rejected - and you even get a hefty percentage if the stuff sells ... all sounds good to me ....

More info as always here ..

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Vibration Institutue - Volume 1

Shameless self-promotion - if you happen to be in Miami then pop on down and check John von spinning a well spaced out set of ambient drones and assorted broken and fucked up artifacts, I would of course be there myself - but I am too busy milking cows, chewing grass and talking crap ! ....

more on the release and label details here - Vibration Institute

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Degeneration Punk...

Kindly uploaded to Youtube - thanks Negrau .... a rather cool retro look at all things now terned punk - with a nice selection of all the usual suspects - jolly good to see and hear Mark Perry back in the day - and a nice load of vintage New York types - including some classic Richard Hell and the Voidoids - esp for St. Anthony ..

Enjoy ...

Parts 1 and 2

Parts 3 and 4

Parts 5 and 6

Parts 7 and 8