Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lets get pissed and make some art ..

This I appreciate very very much .... brought to my attention by Dad-of-FG yesterday - whilst he ranted about the horrors of wasting good lotto money on binge-drinking .. I say - drink up - the Arts Council of England is paying the tab ... yee-haa ..!

anti-cool — Tomoko Takahashi (Yokosuka, Japan) consumes large amounts of alocohol)
Critics of a state-funded art show in which the female performer consumes large quantities of beer have branded it a stupid display of binge drinking and have called for it to be banned.

The Japanese artist Tomoko Takahashi is quite content with her work, however. After all, it's not every one-time Turner Prize nominee who gets a £5,000 grant to down 48 bottles of lager and then try to walk across a balancing beam.

Audiences at the Government-funded Chapter arts centre in Canton, Cardiff, see Miss Takahashi arrive on stage in high heels and a smart black business suit. For the next three hours, they watch her drink bottle after bottle, periodically lurching towards her beam and seeing how much of it she can negotiate without falling off.

All sounds like a perfectly normal evening in Farmer Glitch mansions - I am often found early hours - dressed in mini-skirt - perched on the wall outside, high-heels in place - flaggon of cider in hand - lets face it man - I came up with the idea of the drunken-lunging-swagger decades before Ms. Takahashi donned said mini-skirt-n-heels, let alone managed to consume 48 cans of beer - an application to South West Arts is now submitted - as an artist (laff if you must) - I DEMAND MY FREE BEER ... if that fails - I am off to hook up with afore-mentioned Tomoko this very instant - I think we have a whole lot in common (esp after the first dozen or so bottles!) ..

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Candybar Doll Maker...

And why not hey - lets face it - we all love playing with dolls .... here is mine ....

Designed to your very own specs - what more can one want from life on a dreary Tuesday morning ...

Want one of your very own - The Candybar Doll Maker is waiting for you now ...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Stamps of Mass Destruction

"James Cauty invented the postage stamp in 2002, claims by a rival postal disservice that they came up with the idea are unfounded."

We here in the FG household like very very much this ...

We are re-decorating every available wall with Stamps of Mass Destruction - you all should follow suit .... James Cauty product here

I have always found Cauty to be a somewhat entertaining character - be-it through his expolits as Kopyright abuser / art-terrorist / sheep-shearer / money-burner / justified-ancient / sonic-induced-cow-killer / art-do-gooder or indeed ambient-death-metal-thrasher ... now as post-master-general of the Cautese National Postal Disservice and the associated launch of Stamps of Mass Destruction and Other Postal Disasters Vol II it all sort of get a little bit less murky (sort of) ..

Nice opening quote included on a subject I have debated (OK make that ranted) about recently during our Singapore artist-lab - LH if you are reading - here is the message again for you :

Copyright Notes (without prejudice)
Artists steal and borrow things from other artists and shops all the time, its part of the evolution of ideas and normal practice.
Copyright was invented by two Belgian lawyers in 1827 to make some extra cash and is now an outdated concept. If you see something in this book you think belongs to you .... get over it.
If you see something you want .... feel free to borrow it.

Got it ? From past discussion I doubt it - so to reiterate - GET OVER IT !!

For more information on the history of stamps ... click here.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

God save the queen ... ...

altogether now :::

"durnn nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh / durnn nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh / durnn nuh nuh / durnn nuh nuh / durnn nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh ....... "

yep this was going to be a post about the new John Lydon DVD, which I was going to actually buy just to lay hands on the couple of Metal Box out-takes (being a bit of a metal-box-head as I am - for those of you listening who think that means I have a metal box for a head - please leave the class room now - thanx !!)

well - I could not bring myself to actually pay for any music - having already outdone myself by purchasing the damn fine and excellent new LP from The Fall only last week - Fall Heads Roll - buy it - then play it to death - thats what we are doing here in Flyaway Cottage - home of Farmer Glitch and his family of cow-milking village-louts ... yep we are that lot next door to you - all cider'd up and skanking in that all-too-pissed-up Mark-E-Smith way .....

anyhows - I was reconnecting old external hard-drives to my trusty G4 Notebook - yes we are a Mac-orientated bunch of village-losers - and basically trying to make sense out of the 100 gigs or so of illegally obtained music/films/software/porn (all the normal stuff you might expect to find on old drives) - not to mention numerous unfinished audio tracks - dating back almost a decade in some cases - and I stumbled upon this long forgotten (OK I never even knew I had the dang-thang - but what the heck - HICK) ... so what to say apart from - goddam it - them royals - they be DEAD ........ well done again OSYMYSO .... !

click the pic to play tha movie ..

not interested - then do yourself a favor and go buy the new Fall LP this instant !!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Calling Planet La La

Back in the old-skool dayz of acid-ooose ... (87-89), I was a-livin in sunny-old Brighton (London by the Sea as it used to be known - that is before it simply became an official extention) ... well, me an my mate Nancy (ms. Agar - if you are listening - send me a message me dear..) ... well ... we used to be orbital-rave-partners-in-crime ... and she always stated that she originated from Planet La La (she even had a t-shirt to prove it) - well this site reminds me of her - apparantly it all shifts-n-changes every 108 minutes - so who knows what is there now .. enjoy ..

Big Spaceship

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bangkok to South Petherton in pictures ...

Pre-gig photos from the DCL Bangkok excursion circa 2003 - just re-found these snaps ... don't I look damn fine - damn shame I lost that rather fetching green top man !!

and as for this - just put it down to some kind of cultural-differance type thang - lets face it - you don't find this type of thing on the streets of South Petherton thats for sure ....

but alas - you do tend to find this - as spotted during the rather excellent carnival night last month - oh how we rocked out to that one !!

meanwhile - I'll leave you with a picture of John von Seggern (no less) tuning up pre-gig - man you should feel the funk when he gets twanging !!