Saturday, September 06, 2008

10cc Top Trumps ...

Kicked into gear by Mr. Shirt and because here at the Glitch Barn - we have a super overwhelming soft spot for 10cc here is our Top 10 Pop Picks :

Gizmo / Gizmatron

Top of the list in straight in at number one - is the device released initially by Godley and Creme upon departing 10cc for solo careers sometime around 1975 - THE GIZMO.... check out the demo disk from 1975 here.

Basically this consited of 6 motorised wheels - mounted on a guitar bridge - that when pressed eihter one at a time or in combinations against the strings produced whacked out effects - sort of pre-guitar synth type of thing ... best heard to fine effect on the Godley and Creme (concept - yikes !!!) LP - Consequences ... nice ...

More info here ...

One Night in Paris
First track from what is for me the best LP the guys stuck out - too be honest I was tempted to simply list every darn track from it - at least 3 or 4 separate songs super-glued together here - fine stuff indeed !!

Cry - Godley and Creme
How can any list not include this babe - worth it for the video alone - was going to stick on the History Mix LP - but upon revisiting realisd it sounds supa-dated probaly due to lame 80s production from Trevor Horn - this however sounds just fine and dandy..

I'm Mandy - Fly Me
Don't get me started on this one - but takes me back to early teenage lust with a certain Mandy I used to fumble around with (if you know what I mean) - best not go there !

Dreadlock Holiday
White boys try and play pop-light reggae ? Or simply a damn fine pop record - you decide - me I love it !!!

Got to admit - another girl is involved in selection of this one - god - was my early teen hormones shaped by early 10cc pop songs - crikes??

I'm Not in Love - Edwina Rigby (1979) / Petula Clark (1978)
The smoocher rooner from the stable - remixed into a glitzy late 70s disco glitter ball - lovely stuff (even the Petula Clark one ain't all bad)...

Rubber Bullets
Imposible not to include this slamming hit ...

Wall Street Shuffle
Yet another slamming 7 incher ...

10cc - Blackmail (from Original Sound Track)

Been listening to this LP all weekend - and could have chosen any of them for inclusion as previousl said - this one kicks with a guitar solo straight out of mid-period Floyd - unexpectedly psychedelic .

Now back to spraying "I luv 10cc" on the back of my school pencil case !!