Friday, August 20, 2004

venus loon ...

the joy .... the joy ....

Venus Loon
Sound Pit
Explosive Mouth
Nameless Wildness
Teenage Dream
Liquid Gang
Carsmile Smith & the Old One
You Got to Jive to Stay Alive-Spanish Midnight
Interstellar Soul
Painless Persuation V The Meathawk Immmaculate
The Avengers (Superbad)
The Leopards Featuring Gardenia & the Mighty Slug

hey man - like what happenned to the days ?

well not sure what went down there - like weeks just seemed to pass in, you know, like mintutes man - must be the weed !

Past week has seen me somewhat displaced up north (ok only as far as West-Bristol - but too us zummerzit types that be a darn-long-way!) .. so head down in a Portishead recording studio with a bunch of teenagers recording seattle-tinged ghetto-ized gangsta-rap ... been trying to make them understand that there really is precious point in all this 'pop pop - yo be dead beeeaaatch' type stuff in the leafy lanes of North Somerset - but they be angry - they be white - and them smoke da splif (even if they are only 12 - "me mum gives it to me - it be the biz - want ta score some ?") - I don;t know - back in my day etc etc etc !!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Mums B-Day ..

Today is my Mums birthday - Happy Birthday Mum !!

Subhuman ....

More words of wisdom from yester-year just arrived in the mail.. seems a raging debate is ongoing in the some underground-neo-industrial circles concerning the accuracy of said wordz..

Subhuman Subhuman I see you crawling I see you crawling Subhuman Subhuman I see you crawling I see you crawling In the gutter Subhuman You're like a virus In my garden Subhuman Subhuman Subhuman You're like a virus In my garden Drinking dirty water To make you clean Subhuman Subhuman Subhuman Subhuman You make me dizzy With your disease
I want to smash you And be at ease Subhuman Subhuman Subhuman Subhuman I see you crawling I see you crawling You're like a virus A stinking virus Subhuman Subhuman In the gutter Subhuman SUBHUMAN

What to say - as relevant today as anytime during the past 23 or so years since they were penned....

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

746B must go ...

Urgent message from the Farmer's hosting buddie J. LeRoy over in Seatle... seems Russian viral marketing is taking its toll resulting in thousands of downloads per day - and starting to cost 'gert-big-bucks' (as we say in zummerzit..) -

Check this out: over 87% of all the bandwidth on the entire server was from 746B.

We used 1,400 Gig of transfer. The initial dip in the usage didn’t continue … you are very popular. I think it’s time we build some torrents, eh? Or get someone to mirror? Even reducing by 20% would do it. Or .. do lower bitrate. Or do fade outs after 80% of the tracks and tell them to buy the ding dang CD if they want it. Etc.

Soooo... 50% of said album is pulled - damn I know - I would highly recommend searching for the rest of the tracks on whatever p2p takes your fancy ... the remainder of the hospital-meltdown that is the 746B Sessions can still be found over-here: 746B Sessions.

Very likely the rest will be pulled in the next few days - so unless we get some hosting/distribution for these - it will exist only in p2p-land for a while !.....