Thursday, February 23, 2006

How to be a groupie in 10 lessons

Many thanks to Lissie for sorting these useful hints out (more words-of-wizzderm here).

1.Choose a band you like much with hot people in it

2.Dye your hair in blonde

3.Wear tons of mascara and red lipstick

4.Wear short skirts,sexy tops,no undies,and sexy shoes

5.Buy tons of condoms,dope and alcoohol

6.And buy tons of presents for the band members

7.Wait 'til they're on tour

8.Go to their concert

9.Stay with 'em

10.Sleep with one or all band members

Well done,you're a groupie!!

Sort of just about sumz up any usual weekend for me here in sleepy Somerset - as I jet around the country side hunting out fraggled old Wurzel members - wiv me flaggon of cider and pockets filled with last-years mushrooms ... phew ... hey - did I ever tell you about that time wiv Adge Cutler behind the hay bales - popped me socks clean off that one - trouble is though - I think he had been dead for 15 years at the time - still whos counting hey ??


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