Monday, November 03, 2008

Matryomin - how bloody cool is that ?

Damn man - just as I about to post again how friggin ace the Gakken Analog Synthesizer Kit SX-150 is - and how in 3 days or so I will be assembling this babe and blowing holes in my sub-woofer with sub-harmonic wobbles - I stumble upon yet another damn fine piece of electronic koolio-aid - i quote you now from advertising advert ::

'Matryomin' is an original electronic musical instrument of the mandarin electron which is Japanese Theremin maker. The function of Theremin is put in Russian famous handicraft Matryoshka. It has an amplifier and a loudspeaker built-in for the body.

Why ? What ? When and who ... are undoubtedly questions streaming through your head as you read this - but after the following demonstration of the power of Matryomin - you will fear no more !!

and if that does not completly convince of the power of Matryomin - then be prepared my reader(s) - be very prepared ::

Still not with me on this one - well goddam it - you asked for it - maaaannn !!!