Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bear witness laddies - The FALL - Brownies 1998 - uuhh

Old old old - but just found audio from the mighty FALL ... this being a document of the final straw for the old-guard (Hanley et. al.) - and the on-stage antics of a somewhat pissed Mark E Smith vs the-rest-of-the-band .... sort of funny in a sad-sort-of-way - although without this falling out we probably would not have the full-throttle-power-machine that modern-day Head-Rolling MES-n-co are ...

anyhows - click here to listen ...

and for those around Bristol in March - see ya at the Acadamy !

MES: "And these three are gonna beat me up like the big men they are." (start of Masquerade)..

Crooks : "Anybody got a spare fucking guitar in the audience, I've broken me fucking strings...")

MES: "What we got here is a Scottish man, a fucking animal on drums, and a fucking idiot."

Burns: "yeah, no singer, man. Where's the fucking singer ? You cock"

MES: "I've been assaulted in public here by two people, or three people, you've been witness to this. Bear witness laddies. They're very big....I tell you what, these three...I got a taxi and some fucker pulled a gun out on me, from fucking Pakistan or someone."

(Hanley mimes a violin and adds appropriate woe is me noises)

MES: "Look, the very thing...these three were cowering in the fucking dressing"

MES: (throws mic onto stage) (band goes into tune-up racket) (picks mic up) "They don't work for (the team ?)... They're very hard....all together." (MES) (walks off) (all end of Free Range)

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