Tuesday, April 26, 2005

baby - you are so damn CRASS...

Exeter - Phoenix Theatre - 12th May 2005

Years after hiding in fear during the heady days of Stonehenge Festival - when the bikers from hell decided (through normal cider-ed up logic) to assault any spikey-topped-yoof they could locate - I am again in close proximity with the remainders of Crass..... whilst my buddy in poetic crime and myself play a Respray early evening set in the Black Box at the Phoenix Theater in Exeter .. later the same night in the main hall will be :::

The Beginning & The Word
9pm / £8 (£6) A performance for vocalists, Eve Libertine and Penny Rimbaud, who were both members of the seminal anarcho-punk band CRASS accompanied by Louise Elliot, Ricardo Dos Santos, Gene Calderazzo and the fabulous saxophonist, Ingrid Laubrock of the London cutting-edge jazz community. Set and projections by Gee Vaucher, (ex-Crass)

Shame to miss this one ......

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