Sunday, May 01, 2005


Seems Bolan has his pants for sale - not too sure how or why this transaction seems to be taking place - but alas - his threads are for sale - never seen the poster above before - but it sorts of leads nicely into the planned publication of the Farmer Glitch - T-Rex Scrap Book - yes - that 1970s Post Office issue kid scrap book (they still sell them in the local post office here - which says bottles-worth-of-info regarding the type of town I reside in!).... anyway - my T-Rex scrap book is more than ace - it is teenage-obsessive-glam - BEAT THAT KIDZ... it has (as you will be forced to witness - or indeed ignore) - numerous press-cuttings, hand-written-pop-chart-stats, hand-written-copied-direct-from-first-release-sleeve-lyrics, and much-much-much-more... wanna see some scan - .... no - well fine - here are more pics of his trousers -- please note - stain - they were always there !!

and to back-up the stain-claim ..... from the original release ...

Own a genuine piece of Marc Bolan history ~ Marc's famous Trousers

They are ivory coloured satin with an oriental style embroidered stripe down the outside of each leg. They are flared and have a turn up and are labelled "Alkasura Clothing Ltd, 304 Kings Rd, London SW3" - One of Marc's favourite clothes shops. They were recently valued by Bonhams at £1500 - £1800. Originally purchased in the early 80's from Sotherby's, the trousers come complete with a letter of provenance and the two pictures shown with Marc wearing them, (1.) A Diana double page spread (belt not included!) and (2.) A copy of the famous T.V picture. The trousers are in excellent condition for 30 years old except the button hole is not intact and they have some discoloration marks (as they had when they were purchased) which may well come out with cleaning if you wanted to risk that! They are an ultimate collectable for any Marc fan and are probably one of the few items of Marcs clothing which span 2 totally different eras (1974 and 1977) and would look absolutely brilliant framed.

Framed - Framed - bugger that man - I am selling my original copy of Electric Warrior (including poster) - OK this was the first record I ever bought - and to this day, it, makes me remember discussing with my Dad (I was 10 in 71) - "hey Dad - what is all that stuff at the end of "Rip Off" about ..???.. you know that 3 or 4 minutes of classical-drones-do you think there is something strange with the record ???? - ??? " - he never supplied an answer - I still ponder on this question (DAILY) ...... YOU SEE THIS IS AN IMPORTANT RECORD FOR ME ... but damn - the trousers - the trousers - I can see me now - local co-op - 5.00pm - ivory coloured satin with an oriental style embroidered stripe - man-oh-man - will I be tha-zip-gun-boogie-meista !


johneffay said...

So, ermm, if you can see yourself in the trousers, I guess you can't to too imposing in the height department then?

Anyway, insults aside, what I really wanted to do was register a vote for the complete scanning of the scrapbook. We need this material in the public domain!

farmer glitch said...

well - I was assuming he probably had the thangs taken up - so a hidden (un-stained) couple of inches may well be there for letting down ... !!

scap book scans will follow real real soon .. doncha worry !!

kek-w said...

Yep, scrap book scans, please.

And the Bring back T-Rexstacy pencil-case (or whatever it was you had), if still in existence.

farmer glitch said...

well - I have a very fetching t-rextacy yellow scarf (witgh tassles) - it that is what you mean -- may even have me circa 74 pictured wearing the same - but lets face it - that might be too damn scary!