Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Pride and Envy Lounge

Pride and Envy Lounge

Just re-found this on the web - not too sure who did it - but a bucnh of our DCL tracks were incorporated with some spoken word sermon and graphics of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel - then mixed and streamed using quicktime (smil for you tech-headz) ... everything being presented real-time from the web ! Well, the ceiling image is missing now - so you can no longer recreate this mashedup-mash-up ..... but for those expeimenting with the joys of computer dj-ing - here are the links that (broadband permitting), would allow you to have a backgorund of 2 year old Digital Cutup Lounge tracks (plus visuals), overlayed with "Pride and Envy" by the Demonic Duo - and I quoteth :::

"These sins are often considered to be opposite problems: The pride of superiority and the envy of inferiority. This lesson manifests the common weakness, which opens the door to both sins. The attitude is, in fact, identical for both sins. They differ only in the manifestation under opposite circumstances."

Enjoy (sort of) ...

Digital Cutup Lounge - 5 track quicktime movie

Pride and Envy - Demonic Duo


Lucas Gonze said...

That was me. The DCL tunes were a great set of sounds to bounce other things against -- thanks! Myself and some friends were experimenting with a thing we called client-side remixes.

The SMIL was designed for Real, by the way. Quicktime SMIL is slightly different.

farmer glitch said...

I really liked what you did there - nice one !!