Wednesday, February 16, 2005

15th February ...

Yesterday the 15th was my birthday - so what more to say - than "happy birthday to me ...." - a fun day had my me and me and a scattering of non-me types - including a suprise package of Cds from Kid Shirt of the rather excellent Interim by the mighty Fall (kids forget what the negative feedback has suggested - this CD kicks and in a thrown-together type of way - out shines last years 'Country on a Click') - also included a Grime04 home-made compilation CDR of dubbed-up grime gems ...... O-Glitch at his tender age really be diggin the dub-step (ya bet) ....

Anyways - other news on the 15th of Feb for history-buffs (courtesy of the Today and Counting listserver -

February 15 2005 (Tuesday)

cloudy and smoggy

Overnight: Nepal's king has released Former Prime Minister Surya Bahadur Thapa, a prominent lawyer and a senior leader of the country's biggest communist party from house arrest or detention.

At least 203 miners are killed in China's worst reported mining disaster since 1942


On Feb 15 2003, millions of protesters around the world demonstrated against the threat of a U.S. war on Iraq in over 600 cities worldwide. Estimates from 10,000,000-15,000,000 make this the largest day of protest in history.

On Feb 15 2000, in Argentina Pres. Fernando de la Rua had ordered a purge of the military and civilian intelligence apparatus and that over 1,500 agents had been fired or retired.

On Feb 15 1989, the Soviet Union announced that the last of its 100,000 troops had left Afghanistan, after more than 9 years of military intervention.

On Feb 15 1950, Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong signed a mutual defense treaty in Moscow.

Count down :
  • 45 days to Zimbabwe's general election
  • 46th day of 2005
  • 139 days to Deep Impact's arrival at Comet Tempel 1
  • 1 year 286 days since US declared end of war in Iraq - US death toll at 715+605*
  • Estimated Iraqi death toll between 15941 ~ 18200**
  • 865 days left for Tung Chi Hwa to finish his term (unless he resigns earlier)
  • 2788 days since establishment of HKSAR

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