Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Before the pipe dreams ...

"Hey farmer - whadya get up to before the days of lying around with a big fat bowl-pipe ... and a 5 tokes before breakfast opium problem ?"

"What ya talkin about whipper-snapper - when I was a kid - I used to do nothin more wiv me time than play in spaced-out improv-jazz quartets ..."

Sunset Concert 2001

香港演藝學院每年均舉辦Sunset Concert,為學生提供製作流行音樂會的實踐機會。適逢今年是國際特赦組織四十周年,演藝學院聯同國際特赦組織合辦Sunset Concert 2001,請來一眾本地獨立樂勢力參與演出,以音樂論盡人權。組Band Inti特別剪輯演唱會精彩片段,與你一同重溫。

Sunset Concert 2001演出單位包括:劉以達+Joey+葉世榮、Primary Shapes、後花園、Digital Cutup Lounge及Windmill等。

Live Improvisation 1 - by Digital Cutup Launge

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