Sunday, October 16, 2005

Stamps of Mass Destruction

"James Cauty invented the postage stamp in 2002, claims by a rival postal disservice that they came up with the idea are unfounded."

We here in the FG household like very very much this ...

We are re-decorating every available wall with Stamps of Mass Destruction - you all should follow suit .... James Cauty product here

I have always found Cauty to be a somewhat entertaining character - be-it through his expolits as Kopyright abuser / art-terrorist / sheep-shearer / money-burner / justified-ancient / sonic-induced-cow-killer / art-do-gooder or indeed ambient-death-metal-thrasher ... now as post-master-general of the Cautese National Postal Disservice and the associated launch of Stamps of Mass Destruction and Other Postal Disasters Vol II it all sort of get a little bit less murky (sort of) ..

Nice opening quote included on a subject I have debated (OK make that ranted) about recently during our Singapore artist-lab - LH if you are reading - here is the message again for you :

Copyright Notes (without prejudice)
Artists steal and borrow things from other artists and shops all the time, its part of the evolution of ideas and normal practice.
Copyright was invented by two Belgian lawyers in 1827 to make some extra cash and is now an outdated concept. If you see something in this book you think belongs to you .... get over it.
If you see something you want .... feel free to borrow it.

Got it ? From past discussion I doubt it - so to reiterate - GET OVER IT !!

For more information on the history of stamps ... click here.


GTTRBRKZ said...

ahhh, that final cartoon was on a little zeroxed merchandise sheet inside the JAMMS 1987 album wasn't it? Or was it in Who Killed The Jammms? Sold 'em years ago - for a tidy profit of course!

farmer glitch said...

well spotted sir ...

never had an original 1987 - just the 87-edits 45 .... this one is from a merchandise sheet from who-killed-the-jamms - nice lp still siting on the shelf here - suppose I should also off-load this stuff one day !

reyt said...

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