Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lets get pissed and make some art ..

This I appreciate very very much .... brought to my attention by Dad-of-FG yesterday - whilst he ranted about the horrors of wasting good lotto money on binge-drinking .. I say - drink up - the Arts Council of England is paying the tab ... yee-haa ..!

anti-cool — Tomoko Takahashi (Yokosuka, Japan) consumes large amounts of alocohol)
Critics of a state-funded art show in which the female performer consumes large quantities of beer have branded it a stupid display of binge drinking and have called for it to be banned.

The Japanese artist Tomoko Takahashi is quite content with her work, however. After all, it's not every one-time Turner Prize nominee who gets a £5,000 grant to down 48 bottles of lager and then try to walk across a balancing beam.

Audiences at the Government-funded Chapter arts centre in Canton, Cardiff, see Miss Takahashi arrive on stage in high heels and a smart black business suit. For the next three hours, they watch her drink bottle after bottle, periodically lurching towards her beam and seeing how much of it she can negotiate without falling off.

All sounds like a perfectly normal evening in Farmer Glitch mansions - I am often found early hours - dressed in mini-skirt - perched on the wall outside, high-heels in place - flaggon of cider in hand - lets face it man - I came up with the idea of the drunken-lunging-swagger decades before Ms. Takahashi donned said mini-skirt-n-heels, let alone managed to consume 48 cans of beer - an application to South West Arts is now submitted - as an artist (laff if you must) - I DEMAND MY FREE BEER ... if that fails - I am off to hook up with afore-mentioned Tomoko this very instant - I think we have a whole lot in common (esp after the first dozen or so bottles!) ..


J. LeRoy said...

Yeah Glitch,

You and your imperialist crew, ramming your beer binge pumps pounding art down other culture's throats until they embrace it, grasping, swooning, clutching it like it was always that way.

At first I thought it cute, your miniskirt flapping in the Lamma Island breeze as you teetered down the hand rail with the oil-drummed sized can of fosters over your shoulder.

Soon, though, I saw it for the exploitative rot that it was. When I wear heels, it's for _real_ art.

kek-w said...

Drunk Wimmin and Art.

Man, it doesn't get much better than that.

farmer glitch said...

"grasping, swooning, pounding and clutching" - NOW WE ARE TALKING !!

yep - drunk wimmin and art - are the new rock-n-roll !!