Thursday, October 13, 2005

God save the queen ... ...

altogether now :::

"durnn nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh / durnn nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh / durnn nuh nuh / durnn nuh nuh / durnn nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh ....... "

yep this was going to be a post about the new John Lydon DVD, which I was going to actually buy just to lay hands on the couple of Metal Box out-takes (being a bit of a metal-box-head as I am - for those of you listening who think that means I have a metal box for a head - please leave the class room now - thanx !!)

well - I could not bring myself to actually pay for any music - having already outdone myself by purchasing the damn fine and excellent new LP from The Fall only last week - Fall Heads Roll - buy it - then play it to death - thats what we are doing here in Flyaway Cottage - home of Farmer Glitch and his family of cow-milking village-louts ... yep we are that lot next door to you - all cider'd up and skanking in that all-too-pissed-up Mark-E-Smith way .....

anyhows - I was reconnecting old external hard-drives to my trusty G4 Notebook - yes we are a Mac-orientated bunch of village-losers - and basically trying to make sense out of the 100 gigs or so of illegally obtained music/films/software/porn (all the normal stuff you might expect to find on old drives) - not to mention numerous unfinished audio tracks - dating back almost a decade in some cases - and I stumbled upon this long forgotten (OK I never even knew I had the dang-thang - but what the heck - HICK) ... so what to say apart from - goddam it - them royals - they be DEAD ........ well done again OSYMYSO .... !

click the pic to play tha movie ..

not interested - then do yourself a favor and go buy the new Fall LP this instant !!

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