Monday, May 23, 2005

Re.Cord - review from Staalplaat

Recieved a couple copies of the Re.Cord DVD/CD combo from Toby at Cocosolidciti - and a very nicely presented package it is indeed - as I have a somewhat vested interest in this (being invloved as one of the contributing artists, I shall refrain from slapping my own back) .... but will instead reprint the following review from the guys at Staalplaat ..........

To fully understand what this is all about, the best thing is to start with the DVD part of it. It has ten tracks from ten artists around the world, who received a black box, in which they had to put their favorite conspiracy theory in sonic, visual and written form. Once that was completed, it was send back to Battery Operated, who initiated the project, who in return made an audio and visual remix of the material. The ten tracks, spanning most continents and each dealing with their favorite conspiracy theory, is a well-varied bunch. From the surprisingly rocky opening by BCD, one of Richard H. Kirk's nicknames to the ambient pieces of Kurt Ralske and Mathias Delplanque, tribal rhythms from Kim Ki-Chul and trip-hop breakbeats from Digital Cutup Lounge, to the more experimental outings of Gate and Freiband and the peeps Sachiko M, this is goes all over the musical place and should offer more than excellent reworkings for Battery Operated.
The audio remix of the material by Battery Operated brings the material back to quite experimental techno beats and crackling static hiss. It's hard to recognize any of the original material in there, but that makes it altogether much more exciting. The remix as a tool is a real expansive one, as once again is proven by Battery Operated. On the DVD part there is also the entire film they made for this work, which is a likewise hallucinatory work of camera's, both in and out of control. (FdW)

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