Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Risk Acadamy - Center of Contemporary Art - Glasgow

This week finds me in Glasgow - and a very fine place indeed it is.

Working as a new-media facilitator (mostly for sound-based projects) for 10 artists, activists, social scientists and others. This is being run as an intensive 7 day workshop over 3 floors of the very new and very fine Center of Contemporary Arts, based right in the center of Glasgow.

Updates on the work in progress to follow - along with some street-observations - plus the odd photo ..

More later .


Bing said...

exciting...more picture please. the one with the glass, reminds me of a building in toronto..all of a sudden i'm feeling really really homesick.

farmer glitch said...

more to follow once I get round to getting stuff from the camera - the one shown is an internal space incorporating a previous court-yard - between two separate buildings - nice space / includes a vegan-cafe and is home from home !!