Tuesday, March 15, 2005

re.CORD out now on COCOSOLIDCITI ..

Taken a while for them to finally get it out (2 years late me thinks) - but at last the global-conspiracy-sound-clash that is re.CORD is being shipped ...

This is a DVD/CD release featuring 10 tracks from Richard.H.Kirk, Digital Cutup Lounge, Franz De Ward (Goem, Freiband) and others - all reprsenting their favorite conspiracy theories via music, video and text. This project took the form of a large red-flight-box, that was sent via recorded-delivery to each artist in turn, who deposited media into it prior to sending it onwards .... finally returning to the Battery Operated peeps, who have now finally mixed/remixed and packaged the thang ...

The original tracks sit on the DVD and the remixes by Battery Operated are on the CD. The film remix also sits on the DVD and is a ting of beauty.

Orders and more info waiting for you over at : http://www.cocosolidciti.com/index.htm

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