Friday, September 10, 2004

throb off - and take yer gristle wiv ya ...

well there ya have it ... 23 years of waiting (yeah right) - 1000 of megs of live mp3s - meters and meters of devoured pages of lit - 100s of pounds on useless lickle bits of paper (tickets - yeah right - did they arrive - ya bet they did NOT) ... even the odd Digital Cutup remix of old TG tracks in useless protest songs against even more uselss wars (some good that did) - but still here ya go for your listeneing excitement:

Saul Williams-Pledge of Resistance (Digital Cutup Lounge remix)
Digital Cutup Lounge - Drop Bush (Grist-A-Lized remix)

what is this sad moody old bugger on about - who knows - oh yeah I remember - it be that goddam load of Wreckers of Civilisation - yep well tha farmer here ya see is one of them peeps who as tha years have passed has got more and more into the old Hamburger Laddies (always was dead keen back in the day) . so shame to have to say they goddam done it again ..

RE:TG ..
It aint gonna be !!

call it a day boys..... or should that be What a Day ??? from the horses mouth ...

Dear All,

As you may remember after the postponement of the RE~TG event earlier in this year, promoters Foundation were looking forward to promoting an "All Tomorrow Parties "currated by Thobbing Gristle (ATP- TG) event in May 2005.

After a lengthy struggle to realise " ATP-TG" , ATP, as the promoters, have decided the event can not be realised in the forseeable future.

All the members of Throbbing Gristle & myself & ATP are extremely disappointed, having put a considerable & repeated effort ( & a free show in London) into trying to realise the event, but sadly this is not to be.

Circumstances to numerous to list here have conspired to make our original plans for such an event unattainable, & the decision by ATP was not taken lightly & not without considerable financial losses on their part.

The majority of you who will receive this email are the original artists whom were invited to play "RE~TG" & therefore were subsequently expecting to perform at "ATP-TG".

Our sincere & heartfelt apologies to you all for this disapointment & again our thanks for your open hearted support for the original event's ideologies & expectations. Certainly the one area that has encouraged us to continue to struggle with making this event happen has been the support & understanding from the other artistes involved.

Throbbing Gristle will now play on Friday 3rd December 2005 at Camber Sands as part of the ATP/Foundation promoted weekend event (Dec 3/4/5) "A Nightmare Before Christmas"
currated by visual artistes Jake & Dinos Chapman.

Foundation are announcing the initial line-up for "Nightmare Before Christmas" any day now
(see It is not envisaged that many, if indeed any, of
our original list of artistes will be part of this new event, since Jake & Dinos Chapman's curation will naturally be based on their own personal choice.

Regrets & Regards
Paul Smith for Throbbing Gristle
Cosey Fanni Tutti
Genesis P. Orridge
Peter Christopherson
Chris Carter

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