Monday, September 13, 2004

Rolan Bolan

Interesting docu. on 4 last night - on the missing millions of Marc ... some uber-cool shots and sound-out-takes from various studio sessions - and on the whole a typical portrait of the muze-biz - complete with slimey managers, suited-lawyers and bowl-loads of coke ... must admit the one I always felt somewhat sorry for was June Field
- shafted by Marc, persued by the tax-office and when finally given her share of royalties etc - she ends up dead a week later ... a long line of dead t-rexers - sort of the Tutankhamun curse of glitter-bug-rock .. still damn nice to see some old accoutisc tyrannusaurus-rex live tracks before he went all glitter and flab on us ...

anyway - here is Rolan Bolan ... got his fathers looks, but alas on last nights evidence - not much of the old song-writing talents... oh well - at least he will at last be getting his dosh !

so in respect - I was just searching for me copy of Beard-of-Stars (as you do) - but in typical record-collection style - it be-vanished...

but (in totally unrelated to the story fashion!) I did manage to lay my hands on ... Basement-5 - 1965-1980 (free poster inside no less) - totally forgot this was a Martin Hannett production - also have the 10-inch release of silicon-chips stuffed in the sleeve - a somewhat nice way to start the day here in not-so-sunny-south-peth !

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amyrails said...

do you know the name of the documentary????

sounds fascinating.