Tuesday, September 14, 2004

escape from the drug-crazed velvets..

Velvet Underground - 3D Death Chase...

Yes I know - it is another oldie - but man - makes me giggle in that stupid stoned-giggly way everytime ... actually the reason fer posting yesterdays news - is simply that if I don't stick these details here - they will (in that 'Exploding Plastic Inbox' kinda-way) get themselves trashed ...... then where would I be ???!!??

so back to the plot of the VU3DDC......

You are surrounded by the Velvet Underground - who are desparate to get you banging-up their evil juces into yer vains - do you avoid the temptation of getting loaded with Nico, Lou, Andy and friends... or do you drop out - get high and join the counter-culture .... now where did I put those skins and bag of weed (my fate tis already well established - and somewhat fixed...)!!

Velvet Underground 3D Death Chase

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