Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Some free DCL from CHAW CHAW..

Not too sure how she has managed it - but from Manila - Philippines all the way to you via blog land - Ms. Chaw Chaw provides instant downloads to a bunch of our music from a few years back - now this stuff has never been stuck out on a commercial release before (most of it having only appeared via some licensing etc ... - so hats off for managing to find all this stuff - shame half the tracks have the wrong names - but whatever ..!!

Feel free to click on the picture below of Villa Escudero (where Philippine culture and history comes to life) - for some free Digital Cutup Lounge tunez ....

Or for more immediate streaming of the whole playlist via iTunez or some-other device - simply click on the photo of the 'SHARP ES-6515TS 6.5 Kg. Babad Magic' washing machine - complete with 1 Box free of Ariel powder soap and Iron (Micromatic) that she recently bought -

NICE .....

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