Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Singapore Babe Cyber Enemies ...

Having spent a significant time in the land of 'Ok Lah..' - the place still never ceases to surprise me - at times totally infuriating - others a complete gem of a place - and as anyone will tell ya - the food and night life certainly are pretty damn hard to beat throughout the rest of South East Asia ..... once the laughing stock of the planet though nanny-government banning-tactics - it now is a pretty damn funky town ..

So funky in fact that they have manage to throw up a bundle of cyber-babe-bloggers - all out for the prime - numero-uno-singa-blogger-party-crown - only one will manage to grab the title - any one bothered ??

If so - I give ya ......:
  • in the Hello Kitty' corner - all in pink with fake lashes - and oh-so-bitchy-bitch-lah - XueXue

  • in the moral high-ground corner Mia Tan

  • and finally - in the leather, venus-n-furs - bondage and whips and perhaps much much more corner - Ms Izzy (aka Singapore Party Girl)

As they say in 'We Love Katamari' - FIGHT FIGHT ...

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