Monday, September 26, 2005

Call the Cops ...

Normal service still not resumed - so in the mean-time - a pic of the Lamma Island, Hong Kong cop-shop - one time home of the Farmer - nope not the cop-cube dummy - I was normally found sitting just in front of it - supping Tsing Tao and talking rot !! Now I am normally found supping Burrow Hill cider -and unable to talk a word - think maybe brain-erosion has finally caught up with me !!

Still - things could be real bad - and you could wake up realising you had turned into - Cocaine Kate ..

crikey - I mean all that coke would sort of be OK - but having a sponge-head-crap-rocker for a partner would do me bleedin ead in - MAAANNN !! Still what do I know - being nothing more than a sad-slack zummerzit sheep herder !


Bing said...

brain abuse has definitely caught up with me. i'm nursing a deadly cough and chest pain while i go on a boat trip. we/i must find another way.

farmer glitch said...

never get in boats !! make that a mantra ... chest pain hey - better stop smokin them tabs ... and remember - drink more - sleep less .... works every time honest ... I am a doctor after all x

Leet Surfer Man said...

Hi ya
Needed to find out if you are JZ that posted here
on my blog?
He left this blog as his site?
Did you post on my blog?