Monday, January 31, 2005

I'm in love LUV ....

No attempt will be made to address the slackness that has taken hold over posts on this blog - no excuses / just needed time out --- MAN ..... The new year seems to be finding me somewhat busy (I try constantly to avoid this sort of situation - but heck - sometimes ya just can't escape it can ya ...) .... spending my days down at the studio in PVA, Bridport ( - so if you need some surround-sound mixes - want to play on some cool synths, or just bang out some grimey dub-step - farmer-glitch itches to pleaz (yikes what a crap catch-phrase - think I will keep it !!!) ...

anyway - to further prove just how lazy this 'not-quite-back-on-form' post is - the following mp3s are lifted as found from the excellent site Boom Selection - MIA and Diplo's - Piracy Funds Terrorism part 1... cutting it up here in Dorset these past few days ....

01-galangaton (diplo mix).mp3
02-galang featuring lil vicious.mp3
03-ll cool j_cavemen - two bit rhythm (m.i.a. mix).mp3
04-fire bam (diplo mix).mp3
05-fire fire.mp3
06-m.i.a._missy - one for the head skit.mp3
07-amazon (diplo mix).mp3
08-the clipse - definition of a roller.mp3
09-m.i.a._cutty ranks.mp3
11-you're good (diplo mix).mp3
13-sunshowers (diplo mix).mp3
14-baile funk one.mp3
15-bucky done gun.mp3
16-baile funk two.mp3
17-china girl (diplo mix).mp3
18-baile funk three.mp3
19-lady killer (diplo mix).mp3
20-uraqt (diplo mix).mp3
21-bingo (diplo mix).mp3


kek-w said...

I looooove MIA. I brought a twelve of MIA's 'Galang' along to the Preston Hotel Session, but never got round to playing it or was too pissed or something...

farmer glitch said...

MIA is rockin this house for sure !!! got ta watch that extreme alcholol consumption whilst attepmting that there d-j malarky !!

Anonymous said...

where can I download the m.i.a. songs. mcsleazy doesn't have them.

farmer glitch said...

looks like it has been pulled !!