Saturday, November 27, 2004

Whatever happenned to peace luv n understanding - GODDAMMITT !!!

War - huh - wot iz it gud fer !!!

Lets all get luved up - drop some E or just go hug some trees or something ! Follow the examples of our leaders and sing the joys of luurrrve ...

Bush-n-Blair - Endless Love

Next time you feel like invading a country (come on admit it - don't be shy - we all have those feelings now and again) - or throwing a fit and fire-bombing the local Co-Op (this is one thing I feel like doing on a daily basis here in not-so-sunny South Peth) - take a leaf from the ever influential K-Foundation, and sing - sing - sing .... the official intersteller anthem:

K-Foundation - K-Cera-Cera - war is over - if ya want it ....

Alternativly - there is always the view point as Genesis Beyer P-Orridge so gently screams on TG NOW the new Throbbing Gristle platter (popped through the door from Mute this morning):
"Love is a vacuous Hole .... Life is a vacuous Hole"

Damn - where did I stash that AK47 ????

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