Friday, November 12, 2004

Pere Ubu - It Came from Outerspace..

Off tonight to Bristol to catch Pere Ubu supplying an expected art-rock-workout backing to a 3D viewing of the 1950s classic - It Came From Outer Space..

Will review (of sorts) upon my return sometime tomorrow morning ..... this will be the third time I have witnessed Dave and the Boyz steppin out on these shores ... last time a very low-key gig at Moles, Bath, circa 1988 (plugging the Tenament Year lp) - I actually taped this one - but alas - it seems that said tape has walked ....

First time was a classic late 1979 performace with support from The Gang of Four - again in Bristol - somehow I ended up talking to Mr. Thomas after the gig - and recieved a classic (if not somewhat bored) reply to the question "hey Dave - why did you not play The Modern Dance/Non-Aligmnent Pact" - "hey like man we did - but ya see - we changed all the words and all of the music ... "

so on that note - and in anticipation of this gig - I was going to post Julian Cope - live from Glastonbury - 1987 performing the afore-mentioned 'Non-Alignment Pact' - but why should I - when what is really important is
Teddy Tumble .. and don't you forgeddit ...

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