Thursday, October 14, 2004

Pierce em young ..

This just through from the Arts Council of Great Britain ........ looks like a missed application dead-line and therefore the chance to get piercing and tatooing teenage girls will not be yours ! aint it just amazing what you can get grants for these days !!!

VISUAL ARTIST WANTED – body decoration & manipulation with YP (Warwickshire)

The 21st century has seen body decoration and manipulation come to the fore, as celebrities decorate their bodies with tattoos, designer outfits and spectacular make-up, to name but a few processes. This is nothing new, body decoration has been popular over the ages, in many different cultures.

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council requires a visual artist to work with a small group of young females, to create artwork for the Council’s Gallery tearoom based on lifestyle choices relating to the manipulated human form.


The purpose of the project, working with teenage girls, is to ultimately design artwork for the refurbished Gallery tearoom. The inspiration and exploratory subject will be the manipulated human form: dress (platform shoes, corsets) taken from the Museum collection, and modern day media images (model waif look, etc.) peer pressure (piercing, tattoos, diet)

Planned to take place in the autumn half term (for refurbishment of tearoom, deadline - mid November), the artist will work with a small group of girls (about 6 to 10, aged 12 - 18yrs) who are interested in spending, 4/5 days with an artist, exploring a variety of topics, incorporating a trip somewhere, time spent exploring the museum collection, and then creating artwork for the walls.

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