Thursday, October 21, 2004

Digital Cutup Disneyland...

well grab Mickey by the head and and give im a big fat smacker on tha kisser ... Dumbo - he just love-da-dub - and as for Minnie - she be the dnb queen, no word these dayz from Daffy - last heard he was hooked to da-base-pipe - sad - but true !!

anywayz grime-followers::: ... Digital Cutup Lounge have been directly approached to become part of the 'Disney Musical Family' ... I can just see my partner in electro-clash-beatz John-von-Seggern (no less) - layin down serious slabs of electro-accoustic-drones - complete with ~ Goofy costume (as opposed to just goofy due to da weed mon!) ... ha ha ...

JVS - considers his options !

Dear Cast Members,

One of the key elements that will bring Hong Kong Disneyland to life for our Guests will be the live music played by our Entertainment Cast Members. The fun and exciting atmosphere created by these talented individuals will make our Guests ' experiences memorable and "uniquely Disney."

With this in mind, we are hosting our first auditions for Musicians in November . This is your chance to assist in Bringing the magic in your music to life!

If you have friends or relatives who would be interested in becoming Hong Kong Disneyland Musicians, please ask them to visit and apply through our website at .

Many thanks,

Greg and Laurie

Well - dog-dang - DCL have done some pretty dang zany gigs in our time - one day I will retell the story of our gig to the Princess of Thailand at the Conrad Hotel Bangkok in 2003 - complete with 30 semi-clad Thai dancers swanking it to our remix and live rendition of a electro-funk version of an old Martin Denny song .... or perhaps the time I dropped a full-on DJ-Hype track - just as Andy Lau (no less - HK readers) was entering stage-left on a horse - how we laffed as it looked like he may just topple off as the bass hit ....... but for now - I am busy writing a fake application so that John-von does not miss this golden opportunity of playing micro-glitch-dub to the assorted masses for the next couple of years at the Lantau Disney

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