Friday, August 20, 2004

hey man - like what happenned to the days ?

well not sure what went down there - like weeks just seemed to pass in, you know, like mintutes man - must be the weed !

Past week has seen me somewhat displaced up north (ok only as far as West-Bristol - but too us zummerzit types that be a darn-long-way!) .. so head down in a Portishead recording studio with a bunch of teenagers recording seattle-tinged ghetto-ized gangsta-rap ... been trying to make them understand that there really is precious point in all this 'pop pop - yo be dead beeeaaatch' type stuff in the leafy lanes of North Somerset - but they be angry - they be white - and them smoke da splif (even if they are only 12 - "me mum gives it to me - it be the biz - want ta score some ?") - I don;t know - back in my day etc etc etc !!

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