Wednesday, October 17, 2007

the idiocy of idears

Been meaning to post this one for ages - probably all copies have already been grabbed - but for those of you in the Yeovil area - hop on down to Waterstones and see if you can find a copy in the Poetry, Art, or Philosophy sections - stick it under your jacket - and if stopped and searched - tell them the Farmer sent you !


the idiocy of idears

“a skool boys tail being the unremarkable adventures of gustov claudius, skool boy and dyslexic. Including his own essays, observations, and judgements. Also including an account of his travels among the islands of homer and the greeks. ritten by himself-“

Apparently written by the backward schoolboy Gustav Claudius. ‘The Idiocy of Idears’ is a book of pathos, sarcasm and great charm. Continually confounding the reader with its mainstream of childish glee and occasional lapses into precocious sophistication.

It is a brilliant expose of an education system that has now all but disappeared. A system geared towards corporal punishment and churning out illiterate fodder for the declining dockyards and factories of the industrial age.

The first impression of this book will be a Limited Edition of 300 hand stamped books distributed around the UK by being planted in unsuspecting bookshops.

If stocks no longer last - pop over to the Aquarium and see if any piles are still lying around ...

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Mike said...

"childish glee" is a hint toward the author's name BTW... ;)

First print was 500 copies - I got two!