Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I WEAR A Zoot (and quite like a toot) !!

The Hong Kong muzak scene has been in decline for years (DISCUSS) - nah - no need to do that for it is saved - now we all know that accountants have always dictated what labels released and promoted - but they are no longer content with simply controlling the cash - now they too want the rewards that being the STAR gives yah (you know the stuff - unlimited piles of coke - disturbing amounts of bizarre sexual activities - well at least thats what the esteemed members of DCL get up to!) - so here ya go - Hong Kong Accountants - they dance, they rap - they be tha boyz !! Now did I ever post anything on that other HK Rap lot - Lazy Mutha Fuckas - maybe next time ..

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Dominic Zero said...

Glitchy - Post your address on my blog & I'll delete it when I've got it or get Kek to email it to me & I'll post the Cattle cds w/ my address,