Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ignore all previous instructions .. Life Stinks ..

Well that post on the best 12 inch record of the 1970's was a complete and total load of bollocks I say - sure Beyond Good and evil is good in that quirky Bristol-boys play da jerky-funk stylee - but then I got to thinking - does it really stand up against the monolith that is DATAPANIK IN THE YEAR ZERO ?

Got this record in Kings Road back in 1978 - remember strolling into some dive of a shop and falling out the door a while later with a copy of the above pink 12 incher along with a copy of the first album proper 'The Modern Dance' - on Blank Records (Serial number 001) - how bloody good a day of record buying is that !! The Modern Dance LP to this day stands out as one of the most listened pieces of plastic on the shelves here - and despite what could indeed be thousands of spins still remains in A1 condition - I love this stuff man !

So how fackin cool is this then - from a mere 4 days ago - Rocket From The Tombs playing live in Cambridge, MA - present a slammin version of 30 Seconds over Tokyo - what more could anyone ask for on a drizzly Thursday morning huh ?


kek-w said...

Lifffffe stiiiiinks annnn Ahhhh need uh driiink!

El Duderino said...

When the devil comes, I'll shoot him with a gun!

dark flak spider, passing thru... said...

Oh, ya dancer... Ta v-much for this - - hits the spot.

The new Ubu's pretty fkn' goooood stuff too BTW - - considering Datapanik/Modern-D/Dub-H are an Everest-peak, it's sumthin' indeed to hear DT & pals still making a noble attempt on the summit. Out next week I think.