Thursday, November 10, 2005

Give me that bloody guitar - I demand the right to rock ....

Years before the post-digital-landscape allowed us pesky-glitch-techno-nerds to hunch over laptops-n-stuff,,, bad-backs snapping and creaking in time to the stuttered struts of minimal-jitter-stomp (well that what I am calling it these days) - FG sonic-weapon of desire was the trusty six-stringed Shergold Modulator ... lovely beast - and one which I am still awaiting return (yep - lesson number 23 - never lend your six string - period) ...

digging in me box of old TDK cassettes - as ya do - I stumbled upon this piece of slowly decaying 80's classic (the tape ya fools not the content) - a gig recording no less - Red Lion - Crewkerne - circa 1982 .... in tha mix - said Shergold, Wem Copycat (yes oh yes - I still have pocession of this babe) - and a certain mr-fallows post-mobster on the skins - not sure what to make of the thang - but silly not to embarass everyone involved (look man - it was the blasted 80s - if ya lived-it - ya might get it - if ya were too yung (or indeed jung) - lucky-old yoo-yu) ..

FG presents - Red Lion, Crewkerne, Somerset (zum toim in tha 80s...)

or if ya cannot stomach that stuff (personally I dig it - but then - heck - I wuld wuld oi not) - then this description from wikipedia supplies (amongst the boring crap like) :

  • Mike Rutherford of Genesis, who had a set of double neck Modulators custom made in 1977 which could be split in half and interchanged
  • Peter Hook of New Order, plays six string Marathon basses
  • Julian Cope, plays various Custom Doubles
whatever - who gives a shit what Mike - bleedin - 'fox lies down and gets run over by tram' plays ... but what is interesting (I know - this post is starting to suck big ones - as indeed am I once I get the five-sheeta well and truly rolled) ... is that - Shergold - is indeed listed under (and here not only do I quote - but also link) .... List of female porn stars by decade - now how bloody cool is that!

ah - whatever - "what a day - what a day - alllll day !! ..."

side - note - this blog was hacked - trust me (and I am a doctor so yu shhuld) - FG has lost his mind - and if anyone knows where it is - then please please please - KEEP IT - it has caused him nothing but problems so far - and he is BETTER ORF WIV OOT IT .. thx xx

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